About USH

Union Springs Healthcare, LLC (USHC) is a privately held healthcare company committed to providing healthcare professionals and their patients with a diversified portfolio of prescription quality, naturally derived healthcare products. USHC products are developed to provide precautionary, prophylactic, and complementary or adjunctive health benefits. All USHC products are scientifically formulated to achieve predictable outcomes that are clinically documentable.

Our mission at USHC is to enhance the patient/doctor relationship resulting in better care as well as generate a longer, healthier quality of life. At Union Springs Healthcare we partner directly with healthcare professionals and their patients. Cutting out the layers of middlemen enables us to sponsor grants for physician practices allowing them to improve patient care, provide education, sponsor research, support philanthropic activities and to retain more healthcare dollars in the communities they serve while maintaining low costs for their patients.

Our Commitment

We believe:

1. In our products and their ability to promote good health. We diligently strive to make them “best-in-class”. We back them up with a full, unconditional guarantee. We personally use and depend on them, as do our families and friends.
2. The doctor-patient relationship represents the fundamental core of healthcare and shall be treated with respect. It is private, confidential and is not for exploitation, commercialization or manipulation.
3. The physician is the healthcare leader and is in the best position to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of products as well as devise a plan to use them to optimize patient outcomes.
4. The selection and use of any healthcare product should be based on a rational physician-patient decision and founded on solid, relevant scientific evidence.
5. In sharing the educational and financial benefits of our success with our advocates and customers.

We pledge:

1.  To be good corporate citizens treating our employees, partners, clients, customers, communities and environment with dignity and respect.
2.  We will always present our products to physicians truthfully and solely on the product’s scientific merits, clinical evidence, their benefits and outcomes.
3.  We will always supply clinically validated, high-quality, non-prescription healthcare products produced in FDA inspected and certified manufacturing facilities.
4.  To produce products to the standards, quality and performance levels that rival those of prescription products.


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