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Our integrative products are scientifically formulated by United States board certified pharmacologists and drug development scientists and are available only through the recommendation of an authorized healthcare professional.

USH products are comprised of pharmaceutical grade naturally based high quality ingredients clinically validated to work synergistically to achieve specific patient benefits. All ingredients contained in our formulations are tested for quality, potency and stability before, during and after the manufacturing process at FDA inspected and certified facilities in the United States.

We invest heavily into the manufacturing process to ensure our products are safe, effective, and unadulterated. This allows USH to guarantee the composition and consistency of our formulations. The ingredients on our label will always be accurately found in each product ensuring you always get what you pay for. Our product development and manufacturing efforts are redefining the standards for the industry.

LuciPlex | Brain Health

Components clinically validated to improve memory, focus, cognition and slow the onset of brain atrophy and neurodegenerative diseases.

Product Facts

NoctoPlex | Sleep Aid

Clinically validated to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and awake feeling refreshed and revitalized. Non-habit forming. No known side-effects.

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